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Gerrie Pretorius is a multi-gold and platinum South African recording artist, who has performed all over the country and has had the privilege of performing on major stages and in events across the globe.

Gerrie's career started out in 2001 with the tremendous success of his first platinum album “Annemarie” further followed by platinum hits such as, "Adio Amore", "7 Sondes", and the “Stormers” song. He was also awarded an honourable licence for his Jazz and big band album, called “Swing” that was followed up by yet another double platinum record where he paid tribute to Bles Bridges. Gerrie, has worked and recorded with many overseas artists from Dana Winner and Christoff in Belgium to Anny Schilder from the famous Dutch band, BZN.

As a presenter of the popular Afrikaans KykNet series, “Leef Jou Reis Met Gerrie Pretorius” viewers get the opportunity to see his more courageous side as he adventures through distant Africa exploring scenic surroundings in his 4x4. 2018 holds a lot of excitement for the series, including picturesque scenes in Iceland to the deserts of Jordan. Gerrie has made several appearances on local television series and movies such as "Ek Lief Jou" directed by acclaimed Belgian director Ate de Jong.

Besides Gerrie's success in the entertainment industry, he is also known as an entrepreneur and businessman, who knows his way around real estate as a developer with many years of experience.


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A figure in the entertainment industry

Gerrie Pretorius is a widely known Afrikaans artist, as well as a leader in the television industry, producing TV-shows for kykNET.

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Gerrie Pretorius seen the world. With his hit kykNET TV-show, called “Leef Jou reis met Gerrie Pretorius”, Pretorius visited countries all over the world.